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Mission statement  -Saving Paws Animal Rescue Inc. is dedicated to rescuing homeless, abandoned and special needs animals and finding new adoptive homes or providing a lifelong sanctuary for them; to train and provide service dogs to children, adults and Veterans with disabilities to help with both physical and emotional independence. We also seek to educate the public regarding animal responsibility and the use of service dogs in public places.



Saving Paws Animal Rescue Inc. was formed on June 15, 2006 by Michelle McRae and Betsy Moder along with a small group of animal lovers in Appleton, Wisconsin.


Michelle and Betsy had been rescuing and caring for homeless, abandoned, sick, injured and special needs   pets for more than 13 years on their own.  They met at a veterinarian’s office, joined forces and the rest is history.


We received our official 501(c)(3) letter in September, 2006.


We typically have 50 to 75 cats and kittens at our shelter at any given time.  Our dogs are kept in foster homes.


The pets we help come from many areas. We Help many kitties who are rescued from farms or                     found abandoned. We also help people who need to surrender their pets because they can no                            longer care for them. We try to help as many people and pets                                                                               as we can, but we often have waiting list.















We saved this beautiful girl from a high kill shelter who took awhile to make her way to us due to some concerning health issues. During this short time she lost so much… the use of her back legs, much weight, muscle, and endurance. But what she didn’t lose was her spirit. She’s come a long way from being paralyzed, to being a happy pup who can now walk and run. If it wasn’t for rescue, she wouldn’t be alive today. She’s an inspiration to all of us and will make a family very happy.  Naomi has been adopted and is living happily in her furever home.

Notice: We are in the process of updating our email addresses! If you receive any emails that end with "" instead of "" (for example, and, it's still us!
It will take us a while to update all locations to use the new addresses, so if you see any places that don't match, please be patient and know that we're still monitoring the old addresses as well.
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