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Adoptable Dogs

Standard treatments for our adoptable dogs include spay/neuter, deworming (if necessary), distemper, bordatella, rabies, micro-chipping, topical treatments for fleas, ticks, and heartworm.  The dog adoption fees are as follows:

Puppies to 1 year of age-  $400

Dogs 1 through 6 - $325

Senior dogs 7 and older - $150


Some treatments are not age appropriate, and puppies cannot have all the above standard treatments and tests.  Spay/neuter will be set up by Saving Paws with one of our vet partners when the puppy is 6 months of age.

They Come to Us Broken.......


It’s so very hard to see the harsh reality sometimes.  But so very rewarding to see the end results of the hard work which includes time, patience, and love!

From Neglected and Shattered... Loved, Bold, and Brave Hearted. 

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