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Foster Care Saves Lives

“When the shelters are all full, and there is nowhere for me to go…you took me in, you gave me food, water and shelter…you saved my life.” –a foster pet


 Foster care is a rewarding experience. Saving Paws relies strongly on our foster care network to save the lives of hundreds of homeless pets! Please consider fostering a homeless pet in need!


One of the biggest ways you can save a life is by fostering. Fostering gives dogs and cats the socializing, training, care and love that they need to prepare them for their new home. Taking a stray or frightened animal and showing him or her that people can be kind, that food is available, and that there is a warm place to sleep, creates a marvelous bridge to a new home.


We know many people worry about getting attached to the animal, which is normal. The most common question asked is how we can give them up. The answer is simple … it truly saves lives, a lot of them. It is hard to say goodbye to a pet we’ve fallen in love with, but the alternative is even sadder (3.5 million pets are euthanized every year, most who don’t need to be). Heck, you might even find your next pet this way!

Please consider being a foster, it’s one of the biggest contributions you can make!


As a foster you can help animals like Luella and Miss Daisy go from horrible conditions to a beloved family member

You Can Be the Bridge
Between What Was
What Will Be










As a foster care provider, you provide food, water, training, grooming, transportation to vet care, and a lot of TLC. Basic knowledge of animal care and training is a plus. Foster care providers play an important role in the adoption process. The foster parent is asked to help provide the final decision if the adopter is the best fit for that pet. You’ve developed a relationship with the foster pet, and Saving Paws values your input. If you’re not comfortable with the adopter/ family, you can deny their application for any reason. Our application does state that we are able to refuse any application.


Getting Started


If you are interested in fostering a homeless pet for Saving Paws, we need you! 


To foster a dog or puppy, please email

To foster a cat or kitten, please email


You will need to fill out a Foster Care Application.


Thank you for your interest in saving the lives of homeless pets!


Foster Care Program Guidelines


In order to achieve a successful foster care program, we have established the following guidelines, since fostering is a team effort and everyone must understand the expectations.


The foster homes will be provided with the food and supplies for the foster pet, since we prefer to feed Purina or Iams foods, which may help reduce the chance of gastrointestinal distress and maintaining the health and weight of animals with special needs.


As a foster parent for Saving Paws you have a commitment to the foster animal.  We ask you to  monitor the foster animal’s behavior, intake/output, condition of fur/ ears/ nails, etc. and notify us with any concerns or questions.


The foster coordinators will be available to foster parents and foster parents
should contact them directly with any concerns.


**A foster animal profile sheet is provided with each foster placement. The foster parent is required to return the sheet when the foster is brought back to Saving Paws. This profile assists Saving Paws in preparing the animal for adoption and provides the prospective adopter with important information that our foster home has gathered about the animal, as well as maintaining proper records for our facility.


Foster animals should be under the direct supervision of the foster parent at all times. If a foster parent must travel away from home, contact Saving Paws foster care coordinator for instructions.


Foster animals are never to be treated by the foster parents’ own veterinarian. The foster parent should contact the Saving Paws foster home coordinator if veterinary services are needed.


Adopting a foster pet


Fostering for Saving Paws Animal Rescue is not a trial adoption. As long as you are fostering, you’ll be helping find permanent homes for the foster animals in your care. However, foster care providers do sometimes decide to adopt a pet they’re fostering.  If you decide that you’d like to like to adopt a foster pet, we may choose to waive the application process. But you will be required to complete an adoption contract and pay the adoption fee in full at the time the contract is signed. You will then be responsible for providing all necessary care for that animal as part of your family for the rest of the pet’s life.

Notice: We are in the process of updating our email addresses! If you receive any emails that end with "" instead of "" (for example, and, it's still us!
It will take us a while to update all locations to use the new addresses, so if you see any places that don't match, please be patient and know that we're still monitoring the old addresses as well.
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