Our Future Plans




Part of our mission is to help special needs pets. Our philosophy is that ALL pets are worth saving, even if they have behavioral or health problems. Which is why our future plans include building separate shelter areas for a variety of special needs pets who would otherwise be euthanized. We intend to construct safe, secure, forever housing for these pets, including: 


• Cats who spray or urinate outside the litterbox: this is a common problem with male cats who are marking their territory. Most of the time this behavior can be corrected with neuter surgery or changes in the home environment to correct the stimulus, but sometimes the kitty will continue to spray.


• Feline-leukemia positive cats and kittens: feline leukemia is the number one viral infectious disease killer of cats. Feline leukemia can take one of two forms; it either attacks the immune system, predisposing cats to a wide variety of infectious diseases, or, the cat will develop cancer in the form of tumors or leukemia. But feline-leukemia positive cats do not need to be euthanized immediately; many can live out an entire lifetime. We feel they should be able to live out their lives in comfort and safety, until they exhibit signs of the illness to the point that they are no longer healthy enough to enjoy life. We hope to raise funds to build a special room for these kitties.


• FIV-positive cats and kittens: FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) attacks a cat’s immune system, impairing ability to fight infections. It is very rare; only 1-3% of cats in the U.S. are infected. As with feline leukemia cats, FIV-infected cats do not need to be euthanized immediately; many can live out an entire lifetime as carriers of this disease without exhibiting any symptoms, and are wonderful, adoptable indoor companions. We also hope to raise funds to build a special room for these kitties.


• Dog housing: We currently do not have proper room to care for dogs on our property, and we need a quarantine area and training facility for the SPARKED program. With a facility we can help families and dogs with emergency boarding in the event of a hospitailization or disaster. We hope to build kennels and indoor/outdoor housing areas for dogs.



Our New Shelter: Before Pictures


Our New Shelter: Work in Progress

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