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Happy Tails at Saving Paws!


We love to hear back from our adopters and learn how our fuzzy little guys are doing in their new homes!! If you have adopted from Saving Paws and wish to submit a letter letting us know how you and your forever friend are doing, please email us at  Please include a photo of your furry friend (you can include yourself, too!  for us to post with your letter.


Thank you to ALL the wonderful people who adopt loving animals into their homes from not only our rescue, but ANY animal rescue or shelter!


Updates from Adopters

Update for Oakley

November 16, 2015

Dear Saving Paws:

Just wanted to let you know that I am doing GREAT! You found me a new home and I love it!

My new mom and dad are what they call "recent empty nesters." They have a big yard of almost an acre, and my mom plays ball with me out there several times each day. She has a big garden and you know how I love tomatoes, right? My mom doesn't like me to take then off the vines myself, but we have worked out a system so that I can eat some of them: when she is picking tomatoes, she will pick one for me, yell "tomato," and then throw it for me to chase down and eat. Yummy!

Sometimes we go to the dog park and play ball there. Sometimes all I want to do is run around and smell all the good smells, though. I meet and sniff the other dogs, but then I ignore them while I play ball or sniff around.

I really love my mom. She calls me her "sidekick." We go everywhere together, and I don't mind napping in the car when we're out doing errands. Sometimes the nice people at the McDonald's drive-thru give me a treat! I like hanging out with my mom, and I love looking at her with my big, brown adoring eyes.

My mom tells me that in several weeks their "kids" will come home from places called "college" and "grad school." I'm not sure what "kids" are. Are they like puppies? Anyhow, I'm thinking it will be fun to meet them and have new buddies to play with.

Speaking of buddies, please don't tell Hinder, but I really don't miss him. I'm an only dog here, and it's really great. I get all of the attention and all the playtime with my mom. I like being the center of attention.

Sometimes on days when my dad works from home, I go into his office and lie there while he works. It's nice to have some quiet time after all that ball chasing. My dad put down a special piece of rug for me to lie on. Isn't that sweet?

Well, I think that's about all. Be assured that I am doing wonderfully, I am healthy as can be, and my new people love me to pieces!

Love and slobber,




I just wanted to send you an update on Simba, he is the most precious, beautiful and playful cat. I cannot go a day without laughing with him, he follows me around and wants to know everything I am doing and joins in sometimes too, he cannot wait until I am done on the toilet, as soon as I get up, he’s jumped up on the seat and wants to watch the water flush down and back up, then once the water is still, it’s time for a drink! LOL
He grows closer to me every day, I finally have him jumping up on my lap and lays there for petting time, and when I sleep or take a nap, he is right there, wanting to lay between your legs.

I have yet to get him to keep his collar on, just last Sat, I could actually get it on him and it didn’t stay there very long, so I will give him a little more time to adjust before doing that again.

He acts like he has lived in my house since birth, so no problems there, he utilizes all the toys I had bought for my other cat, which were not being used at all, and he so wants to play with my 9 year old Siamese, but that’s still an issue, my older cat is really mad at me for bringing in another cat, but in time he will adjust, I hope.

Simba is awesome, I love this cat so much and I am so happy that the other applications fell through and I got to adopt him, thank you so much!

Someday I may be able to get a picture of us both together, but not at this time, Simba is still a little nervous/skittish about being held, but we are getting there.
Simba’s Mom 

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