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Our Full-Time Residents


Besides our dedicated staff of volunteers, Saving Paws is maintained by a small, furry group of 'support staff'. These little denizens of Saving Paws are focused on keeping our Cat Room safe, secure and in tip-top shape.


They do this by patroling the interior day and night,                                                                                      without fail, for mere bowls of kibble and a good rub                                                                          on the belly.  As we've stated before, we believe all pets are worth                                                                            saving. Which means we take in many special needs pets                                                                              that no one else wants.  These vary from kitties who miss                                                                                 their litterbox to kitties who are perpetual grumps to kitties                                                                           who spray.


We are raising funds to build special areas for                                                                            special needs kitties, including an indoor/outdoor enclosed area for                                                                                     spray kitties, housing for dogs, and separate rooms for FIV-positive kitties and feline-leukemia positive kitties.


Our full-time residents - aka Support Staff - each have their own unique personalities, and we love them all because of it. Meet these orphans and oddballs who "think outside the box". They are wonderful little fuzz-balls who needed to find a new home after, for various reasons, they stopped consistently using the box. 

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mr bob
SAMMY edit (2)
BUSTER edit (2)
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BOOMER edit (2)
BUDDY edit (2)
CASEY edit (2)
CHARLIE edit (2)
CUTIE PIE edit (2)
FROSTY edit (2)
JOEJOE edit (2)
LACEY edit (2)
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