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                Giving Second Chances and Transforming Lives


The SPARKED Program is dedicated to giving second chances and transforming lives. Our goal is to empower and enrich the lives of people with disabilities by training and placing quality, specifically trained service dogs who have been rescued and given a second chance at life. We seek to help eliminate the long wait and fill a gap that exits in providing people with disabilities a service dog in a timelier manner, the waiting period for most service dog organizations is 3 or more years. With a service dog by their side, many people with disabilities are able to work and reach new levels of a life with dignity and independence.


 This is a new program and we are ready for the next step.  We see big changes for our organization as a result and are prepared to take them on.  The statistics show the need for this program- whether it be the suicide rates for veterans, the euthanasia rates for dogs or the waiting time for a disabled person to obtain a service dog.



                                                          Thank you for the generous grant to our SPARKED program.



We will seek canine candidates through donations to our program of dogs/puppies from qualified breeders, puppies from rescue groups or shelters, or donated dogs from the public.  The dogs and puppies will be evaluated for suitability as service dog candidates, assessment will include: temperament, health, size and structure. Dogs accepted into the initial training program will be placed with volunteer foster families who will raise the puppy/dog and provide basic training and socialization. 

Meet Lili- She is our first puppy in training.

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It will take us a while to update all locations to use the new addresses, so if you see any places that don't match, please be patient and know that we're still monitoring the old addresses as well.
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