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About Saving Paws

Mission Statement

Saving Paws Animal Rescue Inc. is dedicated to rescuing homeless, abandoned and special needs animals and finding new adoptive homes or providing a lifelong sanctuary for them; to train and provide service dogs to children, adults and Veterans with disabilities to help with both physical and emotional independence. We also seek to educate the public regarding animal responsibility and the use of service dogs in public places.

Our History

It started with two women; Michelle and Betsy had been rescuing and caring for homeless, abandoned, sick, injured and special needs pets for more than 13 years on their own. They met at a veterinarian's office, joined forces, and the rest is history.

We received our official 501(c)(3) letter in September, 2006.

In 2021, we began construction of a dog building to allow for more efficient space usage.

Since our beginnings, we've continued to grow and change but our love of helping as many cats and dogs as we can has stayed the same.
Notice 4/24/2023: Our online applications are having difficulties for some users where users are unable to advance the applications to the next page.

This was first noticed over the weekend of April 22nd, and we have been in contact with our technical support but do not yet have a resolution. Not all users appear to be impacted but we have reports across most browsers and device types.

If the applications do not work for you, please email:
1. For dog adoptions:
2. For cat adoptions:
3. For general assistance:
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