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Financial Donations

As a non-profit, we do not receive any county, state or public funding. We rely solely on compassionate people like you to help us care for our rescued animals. And, being a 501(c)(3) means any donations are tax-deductible!

Also, being 100% volunteer-run, you also know that any donations go directly to supporting our animals.

Thank you very much for considering donating to us!

How to Submit/Send Donations

Donate Online via PayPal:
Send mail donations to:
P.O. Box 0362
Appleton, WI 54912

Make checks payable to: Saving Paws Animal Rescue

Any questions can be sent via our contact us page or by emailing

Special Types of Financial Donations

Item Donations

We also appreciate item donations! In fact, when we are in desperate need of a specific item, you'll mostly likely see a post about it on our facebook page.

Donation Drop-Off Location

We have a no-contact donation shed so you can drop off donations whenever you'd like. When you pull into the building's parking lot, the shed is to the left of our dumpster and looks like the picture here!
If you require a donation receipt, you'll find a clipboard within the shed that you can use to fill in your information. We will mail you your receipt.
If you need to donate something that can't be stored in the shed (ex: it needs to be refrigerated), please use the contact us page to schedule an appointment so that we can make sure we have a volunteer available to greet you.
IMG_3640 (Small).JPG

Amazon Wishlist

If you're not sure what kind of items we're looking for, take a look at our Amazon Wishlist for some ideas! When purchasing from our wishlist directly, you can choose to have the items delivered directly to the rescue.
Financial Donations
How to Submit Donations
Types of Financial Donations
Item Donations
Donation Drop-Off
Item Wishlist
Notice: We are in the process of updating our email addresses! If you receive any emails that end with "" instead of "" (for example, and, it's still us!
It will take us a while to update all locations to use the new addresses, so if you see any places that don't match, please be patient and know that we're still monitoring the old addresses as well.
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