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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to adopt?
    Adoption fees are posted on the info pages for both cats and dogs. Fees go towards the cost of veterinary care, vaccinations, spay/neutering, microchipping for all of the animals that we care for.
  • I didn't get a confirmation email on my adoption application. What do I do?
    Uh oh! We're sorry for the confusion - confirmation emails should be automatically sent within a few minutes after you submitted your application. If you did not receive one, check your various email folders to make sure it didnt get marked as spam. The email should have been sent by "" and have the subject line "Adoption Application Received". If you still cannot find the email, please feel free to reach out to for cat adoptions, for dog adoptions, or use our contact us page to double check that we received the application.
  • How do I drop off physical donations?
    We have a no-contact donation shed that can be used - take a look at our donations page for details.
  • Can I make a donation for a specific cause or in memory of someone?
    Yes! You can make both designated donations, where you indicate how you wish your donation to be used, as well as commemorative donations that are in honor of or in memory of someone. See our types of financial donations for details!
  • What kind of animals do you have?
    Saving Paws is a rescue that works with cats and dogs. We do not work with any other type of animals at this time.
Did you know?

We got through lots of cleaning supplies! Things like paper towels, trash bags, and hand soap are always needed donations.
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