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Ways To Give


Help Us Build Our Dog Diggs!

Thank you for considering helping out the rescue! It's only through consistent donations that we're able to help all of our animals. Though monetary donations are one of the most common ways to give aid, it is not the only way!
Currently, Saving Paws is looking for help in:
  • Volunteering
    • Our volunteers are the only way that we're able to keep functioning. Even just an hour or two per week can make a huge difference in the lives of animals.
  • Fostering
    • When you foster a dog or a cat, you take them into your home and give them everything they need whether that be socializing, training, medical care or if they're just waiting for the perfect family to find them. Fostering is a great way for the animals who need the most attention are able to get it.
  • Financial Donations
    • Unfortunately, the only thing free in the rescue setting is often the love and care that the volunteers can give. Financial donations allow us to keep the lights on and make sure that the animals can get all of the care that they need.
  • Item Donations
    • Saving Paws goes through lots of food, toys, cleaning products, and lots of other things. When items are donated to us, it lets us focus our funds on other costs such as medical care and building maintenance.
Do you have a myWalgreens account?

If so, they're doing a donation drive you may be able to help with! Until December 31, 2023 you can use your Walgreens cash rewards to send a donation to Saving Paws Animal Rescue!
Go to your myWalgreens page for details.
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