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Light the Rescue 2022

Light the Rescue 2022 has finished, but you can still donate to the rescue! Click the red donate button at the top of the screen!

Let the light shine along with strength of our deepest memories and wishes.

Date: Now Until December 31st
Location: Here on our website or by mailing: 
P.O. Box 0362
Appleton, WI 54912

What to Do: Make a donation by clicking the red donate button here on our site or by mailing a donation into the above P.O. Box and mention the Light the Rescue campaign and we'll hang a light for you in memory of or in honor of what's close to your heart.
Donate Button
Kick Off Party
Notice 4/24/2023: Our online applications are having difficulties for some users where users are unable to advance the applications to the next page.

This was first noticed over the weekend of April 22nd, and we have been in contact with our technical support but do not yet have a resolution. Not all users appear to be impacted but we have reports across most browsers and device types.

If the applications do not work for you, please email:
1. For dog adoptions:
2. For cat adoptions:
3. For general assistance:
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