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NEW Top Dog Contest

Uh oh! Looks like you're a bit late! The NEW Top Dog Contest for 2021 is over! Please keep an eye out for our next event!
Do you have a great dog? Do you want the chance to win prizes and help out Saving Paws? If so, this is the competition for you!

To enter your dog when registration opens (registration is September 11 - 17, 2021), you simply need to:
  •  Go to
  •  Select the Appleton competition
  •  Donate $10 to enter
  •  Choose an awesome photo of your canine companion along with a description of why your dog is the "top dog"
Once voting begins on September 18, members of the community (including your friends and family!) can donate $1 per vote to vote for who they think should be the top dog. There are no caps to the number of votes that a voter can purchase (ex: a $100 donation would give 100 votes).
The competition starts at the local level and the top 10 dogs from each region get entered into the Championship round that begins on October 10th. Only one dog will be crowned the NEW Top Dog for 2022 and win a $2,000 cash prize, but there are plenty of prizes at the local levels as well! 

For more details, including more details on the amazing prizes at the local levels (including the opportunity to name a beer after your pooch!), visit 

Contest Dates

  • September 11 - 17, 2021 - Contest Signup
  • September 18 - October 9, 2021 - Local Round Voting (6 shelters)
    • Join us on September 18th for a Voting Kick Off Party! See the details below​
  • October 10, 2021 - Local Champions Crowned
  • October 10 - 16, 2021 - Championship Round Voting
  • October 17, 2021 - NEW Top Dog Champion Crowned

Voting Kick Off Party

TOP DOG_edited.jpg
Do you want to help support Saving Paws, celebrate the kick off of voting and have a bunch of fun at the same time?  Join us at the Appleton Beer Factory on September 18th!
  • Date: September 18th, 2021
  • Time: 3pm to 6pm
  • Location: Appleton Beer Factory
    • 603 West College Ave, Appleton
  • Details: Raffles, Live Music and Fun!
Kick Off Party
Did you know?

We got through lots of cleaning supplies! Things like paper towels, trash bags, and hand soap are always needed donations.
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